Bluegrassers Need A Helping Hand

Former home of Angie Hawkins and Larry Dwight BenefieldIf you’re blessed to have a little extra this holiday season, two hardworking and talented bluegrass musicians can use your help.

Songwriter-bass player Angie Hawkins and guitarist Larry Dwight Benefield lost their Lafayette, AL, home and nearly all of their possessions in a fire on Dec. 12. The flames reduced their house to a file of ashes and rubble in a matter of minutes. They, their daughter and a friend escaped the inferno, but their dog perished.

Fortunately, they had recently returned from a gig, so Angie’s upright bass and Larry’s treasured Martin guitar were by the door and they grabbed them as they fled the flames.

Angie Hawkins and Larry Dwight Benefield“The fire left us with nothing but each other, but we’ve never felt so blessed,” Angie recounted shortly after the fire.

One of their friends set up a Go Fund Me account to help raise money to cover their uninsured losses.

Or checks can be sent directly to:

Angie Hawkins/Larry Dwight Benefield
2150 Country Road 160
Lafayette, Ala. 36862

Their band, Grass Backardz, is well known throughout the region.

Money is tight, especially at the holidays, but help if you can, either with a contribution or by arranging a booking for the band.

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