introduces video lessons

The good people over at have updated the free lessons available on their site. And this time Rick Williams has added a little something extra for guitar and mandolin players alike. He has included a short video along with the usual Tab and Mp3″s. The video is a close up view of Rick playing the slow version of the tune, and is recorded for both guitar and mandolin. Rick hopes the video will make it easier for students to understand the right and left hand positions and fingering. The lessons are set up in the same manner as his Bluegrass Guitar Jam Tunes and Bluegrass Mandolin Jam Tunes.

The video files are in Windows Media format and the file sizes are quite small, suitable for download even on dialup. Rick hopes to continue the video as a permanent part of the free online lessons. The lessons will be updated semi monthly as time permits. Previous lessons are also still available on the site. And Rick encourages you to contact him with any questions or comments. He may be reached via email: