Bluegrass takes a stroll down Sesame Street

Sesame Street: Kids' Favorite Country SongsI don’t know how many of our readers still watch Sesame Street, but maybe you’ve got some kids, or grandkids, who do. I just discovered that the Sesame Street label released a DVD earlier this summer featuring several bluegrass and country artists.

The DVD is entitled Kids’ Favorite Country Songs, and contains all the makings of a musically good time. Sesame Street perennial favorites, Elmo and Elmer, lead the way to a country jamboree featuring both Alison Krauss and John McEuen, along with a number of country music stars.

While John plays his banjo and sings Oh Susannah, he’s accompanied by an assortment of barnyard animals. He commented that he enjoyed the filming of the DVD and had a great time,

playing the banjo with about 50 goats, a cow and about 15 kids running around.

He went on to say that as a musician you are always wondering when you’ve reached the pinnacle of your career. Now he knows.

When Elmo introduces you, you know you’ve arrived.

In addition to McEuen and Krauss’ contributions, country stars, Johnny Cash, the Dixie Chicks, Lee Ann Womack, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and super star Garth Brooks, all take part in the festivities.