Bluegrass College updated

The Bluegrass CollegeOnline instructional resource The Bluegrass College, has undergone a complete website revamp. Based on feedback from it’s ever-growing numbers of subscribers, the site owners have made changes intended to increase the site usability and ease of use.

Site navigation is now easier to use with large icons providing clear direction to different areas of the site.

Additionally, the hosts have added a monthly subscription option of $8.95 and the ability to buy gift memberships. Tweaks to the video, audio and tab have made them even easier to use.

The Lesson Library is updated each month with a new tune performed and taught by different bluegrass masters. January’s tune of the month is the Stanley classic, Clinch Mountain Backstep. The instructors for the tune are the members of the Infamous String Dusters with Travis Book (bass, vocal), Jesse Cobb (mandolin), Chris ‘Critter’ Eldridge (guitar), Jeremy Garrett (fiddle, vocal), Andy Hall (dobro, vocal) and Chris Pandolfi (banjo).

If you are intersted in an online learning opportunity then I encourage you to check out The Bluegrass College.

Brian Wicklund, one of the founders and instructors of the site, sent along a few quotes from students who recently joined the site.

This is just what I need to get to the next level. – mandolin student

It is REALLY helpful for those of us who are learning. I’ve been playing the dobro for about a year and a half and the learning process for these songs is really helping me put things together (and make some sense of this instrument). ‚Äìdobro student

This is great!!! I’ve been playing banjo for 3 years now and there are no teachers where i live! This has been by far the most help i’ve gotten since i started. Thank you so much! ‚Äìbanjo student