Blue Yodel #30 – 20 Questions: The Gibson Brothers

1: If Leigh were a soup and Eric a sandwich, what kind of soup and sandwich combo would you be? 

Leigh: Pea soup and bacon sandwich

Eric: Tomato soup and bologna sandwich


2: What are your favorite 4-letter words?

Leigh: Tony and Rice

Eric: Earl and Bill


3: What would be the title of the Gibson Brothers five-part biography on the History Channel?

Leigh: The Adverse Effects of Long Rides in a Car, Parts 1–4, narrated by Danny DeVito

Eric: The Gibson Brothers: Too Dumb To Quit


4: Eric, who would play Leigh in the Gibson Brothers biopic? Leigh, who would play Eric?

Leigh: Eric played by Patrick from SpongeBob

Eric: Leigh played by Billy Bob Thornton; Me, by Alec Baldwin


5: Have you ever flown in an aeroplane or ridden on an escalator?

Leigh: Once.

Eric: Not on purpose.

6: How much do you charge not to play a gig?

Leigh: Union scale?

Eric: That’s one thing we do for free. We do it often in the winter months.


7: Have you ever autographed a CD with someone else’s name?

Leigh: No. Well, I signed as Joe Walsh one time, but not the guy from the Gibson Brothers.

Eric: Never.


8: If you owned a batting cage business, what would it be called?

Leigh: Don’t Be Foul

Eric: Hit ‘Em Where They Ain’t


9: How many times in your lives have you sung the word “cabin?” Please be accurate and break it down between the two of you.

Leigh: Too many

Eric: 6,042. That’s just me. Leigh refuses to sing the word.


10: Why won’t you release your birth certificates?

Leigh: I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies.

Eric: We will when we run for office. For now, just believe that I’m 28 and Leigh is 27.


11: If you had to rename the band, what would you call it?

Leigh: The Gee Bees

Eric: The Gibson Brothers Mach II


12: What is Clayton Campbell’s secret nickname?

Leigh: The Guy My Brother Obscures from View on Stage Right…it hasn’t stuck

Eric: The Kentucky Prince


13: Why doesn’t Mike Barber age?

Leigh: Palmolive

Eric: He is trying really hard to age, but nothing seems to work. I don’t know his secret.


14: If you were stranded on Gilligan’s Island, which one of you would be the Captain and which one of you Gilligan, or would you be other characters?

Leigh: That question could cause a rift…

Eric: Nope


15: If the Yankees offered you both a four-year deal, would you quit bluegrass?

Leigh: They could use us this year, but I wouldn’t leave this life.

Eric: Of course not. There’s no money in baseball.


16: Quick, what are your middle names?

Leigh: Ian and Joseph

Eric: Leigh already told you.


17: Your mandolin player, Joe Walsh, co-wrote Life in the Fast Lane. How come you don’t let him sing it?

Leigh: I already used up that joke on #7.  Be original, Chris.

Eric: How would we follow it? And we have to end each show with Ring the Bell. He understands.


18: How much money would it take for Eric to switch to guitar and Leigh play banjo at a gig?

Leigh: Make me an offer.

Eric: It will never happen. Leigh plays banjo like Kermit the Frog.


19: If you could time-travel, what year would you go to?

Leigh: I can time travel and no, you can’t use my flux capacitor.

Eric: 1876 to Lonesome Dove, Texas. I’d hang out with Gus, Woodrow, Pea Eye and the gang. They would be real and we would never leave on the cattle drive. We would just stay there sweating and looking cool.


20: Peanut butter – creamy or chunky?  

Leigh: Creamy, I don’t like the peanut flavor that comes from the chunks.

Eric: Creamy

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