Blue Yodel #16 – 20 Questions with Tim Stafford

We start a new feature this week with 20 Questions. When I write biographical articles on bluegrass stars I have to ask predictable questions, which means I usually get predictable answers. For this feature, I ask questions the artist may not have expected.

You’re welcome to leave your own answers or ideas for future questions in the comments section below.

Who better to start with than the Rich Little of bluegrass—and a great songwriter, guitar player, and singer, too—Blue Highway’s Tim Stafford.


1) If you were a sandwich, what kind of sandwich would you be?  

Turkey, brie and avocado with chipotle mayonnaise.  Nah, fried bologna and mustard.


2) What’s your favorite 5-letter word?

Banjo.  Nah, emote.


3) Do all your songs have hidden messages?



4) Who would play you in the Blue Highway movie?

Wayne Taylor.


5) Do you own a truck?

Used to, Chevy.


6) How much would you charge to take an old refrigerator to the dump for me?

For you, no charge.


7) Have you ever autographed a CD with someone else’s name?

Yes (Rob Ickes).


8) If you owned a restaurant, what would it be called?

Hillbilly Luau.


9) How many times in your life have you played a G chord?

183,462 as of this morning.


10) What is Jason Burleson’s real name?

Wayne Taylor.


11) What would your dream album be called?

J.D. Crowe and the New South.


12) Who was known as the “Georgia Peach”?

Newt Gingrich, Little Richard or Ty Cobb, depending on who you ask.


13) Does Blue Highway have an emergency evacuation plan?

1999 Dodge Ram van, 15 passenger.


14) Who was your favorite character on Gilligan’s Island?

Mary Ann, grrrr…


15) If your restaurant offered a bluegrass hamburger, what would it be called?

Blue Cheese of Kentucky.


16) What would be on it?

1/2 lb. prime KY beef, Blue Cheese crumbles, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mustard.  I like it with mustard on it, mmm hmm.


17) Have you ever phoned Dr. Ralph Stanley and impersonated his voice?

Not yet.


18) What is your most obscure impersonation?

Art Menius, to non-bluegrassers.


19) If you could time-travel, what year would you go back to?

1960.  Might as well start over.


20) Peanut butter – creamy or chunky?

Creamy.  Nah, Chunky.

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