Blue Moon Rising in the news

Blue Moon RisingBlue Moon Rising won the Entertainer of the Year vote here in our unofficial reader poll last fall, and this year they’re getting off to a good start. The band is featured in two recent news stories, both of them complete with video footage.

KFYR channel 5 TV in Bismarck, ND ran a story 4 days ago about Blue Moon Rising playing in a local school and promoting bluegrass music. The band not only performed for the kids at the school, but also donated 10 guitars to the school’s music program. The story is here, and at the bottom there is a link to a two minute video clip of the news story, including comments from students and teachers, and performance shots of the band. Very nice!

Then 3 days ago KXMB TV, the CBS affiliate on channel 12 in Bismarck ran a story about the band’s appearance at Bismarck State College. The band performed Saturday at the school including not only a concert, but also workshops on fiddle, mandolin, and songwriting. This story also includes a video clip. I was unable to get the video to play on my Macbook, it probably works on a Windows PC though.

I’m excited to see bluegrass bands performing at high schools and colleges and spreading the music to a new generation. Thanks guys!