Blue Highways TV goes broadband

Narrowstep - the TV on the internet companyBlueHighways TV has just announced a deal with Narrowstep to deliver BlueHighways TV online via Narrowstep’s telvOS system. The channel is scheduled to launch today October 25, 2006. To access the new channel simply visit and click on the Narrowstep icon. The icon isn’t on the site yet, but should be soon. The programming is available free of charge.

BlueHighways TV’s original content is comprised of unique programs that reflect the diversity and spirit of our nation. Viewers can choose from roots music offerings, including bluegrass, gospel and traditional country, as well as entertaining programs about the neighborhoods, art, festivals and celebrations that, interwoven together, define America’s vivid culture and character. Original programming series to be available at the premiere of the virtual network include:

Due West
Best of Reno’s Old Time Music Festival
Branson Jam
Gospel Sampler
Storytellers Theater
Network Samplers

Stan Hitchcock, chairman and CEO of BlueHighways TV had this to say about the deal with Narrowstep.

We found that partnering with Narrowstep can significantly help us achieve our goal of broadening our multi-platform approach and reach our viewers around the world while delivering a TV-like experience

About BlueHighways TV
BlueHighways TV is a satellite, cable and internet-delivered programming network that grew out of the great interest that audiences have in exploring the folklore, music, traditions, destinations, festivals and artistry of America. Conceived and created by Network Creative Group, LLC, BlueHighways TV captures that welcoming, down-home spirit that Americans are known for – and are increasingly seeking in their entertainment. BlueHighways TV has developed a number of innovative ways to work with internet, satellite distributors and cable operators to serve local audiences, and is currently in active negotiations for additional distribution. For more information, visit BlueHighways TV’s website at

About Narrowstep
Narrowstep‚Ñ¢ Inc. (OTC BB: NRWS), the TV on the Internet company, is a leading global provider of broadband television services. Narrowstep’s proprietary technologies and customer-focused services enable TV channels to be delivered over the Internet. 90+ companies worldwide have chosen Narrowstep because it offers the most television-like and true community building broadband experience. The company’s telvOS‚Ñ¢ (Television Operating System‚Ñ¢) and nBed‚Ñ¢ technologies enables the most comprehensive delivery of video to mobile, wireless, Internet, broadband, VOIP and entirely new IP-delivered broadcast services. For more information, go to www.narrowstep.comor call 212-404-1400.