Blue Highway says Happy Birthday to Gaven

Gaven LargentBlue Highway shared a couple of live videos from their 2016 tour to introduce the superb reso-guitar playing of their newest member, Gaven Largent, who turns 20 years old today.

Fans of the band who have caught their live show since founding member Rob Ickes departed know that Gaven is a remarkable soloist, and the ideal replacement for Rob. In fact, Ickes told us that when he gave his notice late last year, he figured that Largent would be the one to get the nod.

Before joining Blue Highway, Gaven had been playing banjo with Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper, but the dobro is his first love, and he jumped at the chance to step in for his idol.

As we see so often, a dose of youth can do a lot to re-energize a band full of old timers, as Gaven has done here. Check out this performance from the Savannah Music Festival a few weeks ago of Sycamore Hollow, a Shawn Lane original played at a faster tempo than they recorded it on their From The Window Of A Train CD in 2010.


Gaven also contributes vocally to the band, as you can see in this video of Blue Highway at the St. Xavier Performance Center in Cincinnati, Ohio back in January singing Wondrous Love.


Happy Birthday, Gaven! It’s great to see the BH reso spot in such good hands.

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