Bill Yates doing well after treatment

Bill Yates - photo by Ted LehmannBill Yates, longtime member of The Country Gentlemen and still an active grasser with his Country Gentlemen Tribute Band, is doing well after being hospitalized this past two weeks.

A brain bleed was diagnosed when he was admitted earlier this month, but surgery to remove the blood in his skull was put off owing to his extremely low platelet count. Bill was placed on a ventilator, and was largely unresponsive for several days. But after having the tube removed, he has begun to recover rapidly and is starting to speak and move his arms.

The family reports that the doctors are unable to describe how he has recovered these functions, but daughter Brenda Yates Cohen, has little doubt about her dad’s healing.

Bill Yates with his daughter, Brenda“After the ten days he was removed from the ventilator and immediately started showing improvement due to much prayer and seeking Gods will for him. Thru faith and prayers, today his recovery has been remarkable. There is no denying what God has done. His ability to speak. He can move both arms and legs. His mind is sharp-very alert!  Fully aware of what God has done for him.

We have a long road ahead as far as his recovery, but we know God has it all under control. I gave him back to God and God gave him back to us!”

Yates has been moved out of the ICU and into a standard room, and we share the family’s hope that Bill’s recovery will continue apace, and he can be released from the hospital soon.

The band is planning on performing in his absence at a show January 31 in Harrisonburg, VA. Banjoist Rick Briggs says that they all agreed that the show should continue as scheduled.

“We’re scheduled to work the Court Square Theater the end of the month. Obviously Bill will not be able to make the show. We advised the theater of the situation and gave them the option to cancel. They want to show to go on (as Bill would). They are to be posting an announcement on their site giving people the choice of a refund if they desire.”

Let’s hope to see Bill hale and healthy in time for their next appearance on February 21.

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