Big changes for Mile Twelve – Korey Brodsky and Ella Jordan join band

Boston-based contemporary bluegrass band Mile Twelve has announced some big changes going forward.

Founding member, fiddler Bronwyn Keith-Hines, and mandolinist David Benedict, have announced their departure from the group. Bronwyn was named 2021 Fiddler of the Year by the IBMA membership last week, and both artists have been active in projects separate from Mile Twelve in the past two years. Both also have recent solo albums, and other performing and recording opportunities on the horizon.

In a statement to Mile Twelve fans today, Bronwyn shared her intention to leave.

“Hey everybody, I’m writing to let you all know that after an incredible seven years of making music with Mile Twelve, I’ll be parting ways with the band. We’ve shared so many amazing experiences together, it’s an extremely special thing to start a band from the ground up, and I’m so grateful to have been able to go on this journey with BB, Evan, Nate, and David.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us through the years, come out to our shows and listened to our music – it’s such an honor to have been involved in this band, and I will cherish my Mile Twelve memories forever. I’m looking forward to exploring new musical ventures in the coming years, and I am so excited to see where the band goes next. I’ll be cheering them on!”

David did the same, saying…

“After five amazing years on the road with Mile Twelve, it’s come time for me to take my final bow. Like so many others out there, the pandemic brought some huge changes for me and my wife, Tabitha, and through it all we’ve found ourselves wanting to prioritize family time, to plant some roots at our new home here in South Carolina, and to play more music together. So it’s with a very full heart that I’ll be parting ways with Mile Twelve to make space in our lives to pursue all of these things.

I just want you all to know how grateful I am to all of you who have supported the band, come out to all of our shows, listened to our albums, and so much more. To all the friends and mentors I’ve met along the way, you all have enriched my life so much!

And most of all I’m so grateful to Bronwyn, Evan, BB, and Nate for asking me to join this band those five years ago. Back then I couldn’t have imagined half of the amazing memories and experiences that we all share today. Even more so, you all pushed me musically and inspired me to try to be the best version of myself – I’d be hard pressed to find four closer friends. Love you guys!

And I know there’s so much more music for Mile Twelve to make! I’m excited to see where the band heads next, and you can bet that I’ll be in the audience with the rest of you all, listening to these amazing musicians the first opportunity I get!”

Remaining Mile Twelve members, guitarist/vocalist Evan Murphy, bassist Nate Sabat, and banjo player BB Bowness, have responded with a statement of their own, wishing their departing bandmates well, and introducing new players to step into their shoes.

“To our friends, fans and family, we’d like to announce that Bronwyn and David are moving on from Mile Twelve. These are two of the most impressive musicians in bluegrass, and we will miss them dearly. We have driven countless miles together, across this country and others, late into the night and on into the sunrise. We have laughed ourselves to tears. We’ve grown up, and created something bigger than ourselves. We’ve had days of travel so chaotic we had to lean on each other to make it through, and shows so perfect we found ourselves suspended in a shared musical flow. We know David and Bronwyn will thrive in all of their adventures to come, and we’ll treasure our years together.

Change breeds growth, and with that we are thrilled to welcome Ella Jordan and Korey Brodsky into our family. They are inspiring players, ready to bring their huge talents to this band and create something new. We can’t thank our community of fans enough for supporting us through everything. We love all of you and look forward to sharing music with you soon.”

Jordan is a fiddler from Texas, and Brodsky a Connecticut mandolinist both recently graduated from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Expect to hear much more of them with Mile Twelve in the coming year.

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