Becky’s Birthday Fundraiser for new bluegrass scholarship

As most of us have noticed in recent years, a growing trend on social media is requesting that others contribute towards a particular charitable cause on your birthday. It’s not quite the same as gift seeking in a more traditional sense, as the proceeds go to someone else, and it does bring attention to your pet ideals. And so it continues to spread.

Popular bluegrass artist Becky Buller is doing just such today, as she turns 45, with an ask for a newly-formed bluegrass scholarship in honor of what she describes as “a very special bluegrass gal,” soon to be formally announced by the IBMA Foundation.

Details are a bit thin at this point, but as Becky is a Board Member of the Foundation, with a sterling reputation in our business, we feel sure that a good many folks will respond to her Facebook Fundraiser for the new scholarship. The goal is to raise $4,500 to fund this as yet unnamed scholarship, with just over $1,200 received at this point.

The way these scholarships work is that the IBMA Foundations receives and invests the money, and then grants a scholarship amount based on the income the fund earns during a year. The larger the fund itself, the higher an amount they can grant each year, without damaging the principal.

You can read all about the many grants and scholarships administered by the Foundation online.

Best of luck to Becky on her birthday fundraiser.

Ona another Becky Buller-related note… she has also recently been featured in a video with the children’s puppet character, Chubbly, a creation of Alabama musician and puppeteer David Stephens. Chubbly interviews bluegrass artists for his YouTube channel, and with Becky, gets to sing She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain during his own birthday week.

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