Becky Buller hosting Terry Baucom t-shirt contest

While performing live over the weekend at WNCW in North Carolina, Becky Buller and her trusty band wore special t-shirts made up to honor Terry Baucom, who visited with them in the studio on Saturday.

Expecting Terry to stop by, Becky had the shirts designed and printed to show him, and she shared with Bauc just how much his music had inspired her to pursue bluegrass as a profession. In fact, the entire group was wearing the shirts when Terry arrived, and they filmed his reaction as well as he and Becky’s subsequent conversation.

It turns out that they made enough for the Becky Buller Band and crew, and to give to Terry and his wife, Cindy, one, leaving them with nine extra shirts. So Buller is giving them away on Facebook.

Watch the video below for all the details.

Everyone has until Sunday, January 23, to post a comment on Facebook for a chance win one of these shirts for your own collection.

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