Becky Buller Band to Volume Five

Off-season band member changes have become commonplace in bluegrass music. The Becky Buller Band has taken this to a new extreme by replacing all of Volume Five.

Becky said, “I was tired of leading my own band and I’ve always enjoyed the music of Volume Five, so I just thought I’d join them.”

Bluegrass Today reached out to Glen Harrell who said, “I was really looking forward to collaborating with Becky, but when she showed up, she had her whole band with her, which didn’t leave room for all of us.”

When we asked what the future held for the former members of Volume Five, Glen said, “We thought about joining IIIrd Tyme Out. But, you know, nobody’s using the name Quicksilver anymore…that might be an option.”

Becky added, “While I love the music of Volume Five, it seems like a lot of work to learn their entire catalog. So for the time being, we’ll just keep playing my songs.”

Both bands are planning a co-bill tour for 2023 and beyond. The only question is: Who will open?