• A Tale To Tell – Rick Lang

    New England-based songwriter Rick Lang makes it clear he finds it hard to resist sharing a good story, and indeed, as indicated on his new Dark Shadow Recording album, A Tale To Tell, he's clearly proficient when it comes to

  • Yonderings – Joe’s Truck Stop

    Founded by Joe Macheret (vocals, guitar, big head banjo, fiddle, percussion), Joe's Truck Stop is a decidedly homegrown affair. Yonderlings, the third album by the Cincinnati-based band — which also includes musicians Andrew McPheters (harmony vocals, 5-string banjo), June Youngblood

  • Alegria – FlamenGrass

    Ask the average aficionado with an expressed affinity for flamenco or for bluegrass, and chances are, most will dismiss any similarity between the two. Granted, both demand an advanced level of instrumental dexterity, but given their disparate origins, any other

  • Big Storm – Pretty Little Goat

    Hailing from the highlands of North Carolina, the euphemistically named Pretty Little Goat — Josh Carter (mandolin, vocals), J.T. Linville (bass, vocals), Jackson Dulaney (dobro, lap steel), Mallory Carter (washboard, kick drum, vocals), Owen Grooms (banjo, vocals), plus honorary member

  • Lost Soul/Rock & Roll – Joshua Rilko

    Joshua Rilko, a founder and former member of the band Lindsay Lou  & the Flatbellys, as well as the one-time mandolin player/tour manager for Sierra Ferrell's Long Time Coming tour, makes his solo debut with an eleven song album that's divided