• Green Yodel #21 – Sláinte! (Part 1)

    We all know the story of how bluegrass came to Ireland—how Bill Monroe banished the dreadful snakes and taught three-part harmony with a shamrock. While some may doubt the accuracy of this account, none can dispute the fact that in the

  • Blue Yodel #19 – Moneygrass

    March Madness, to me, doesn’t mean basketball. Rather, it’s the perennial delusion that just by showing up in Peoria, Arizona, and running a few wind-sprints, the San Diego Padres are guaranteed in seven months to be spraying champagne over themselves after

  • Blue Yodel #18 – Pete Goble

    I hope when I’m 80 years old I can say what Pete Goble said to me on the phone the other day: “I’m writing more songs now than I ever did in my life and I think I’m writing better songs.” I

  • Blue Yodel #17 – #bluegrassgrammy-attackads

    Tweets in Response to Steve Martin's Blatant Attempt to Increase Public Awareness of Bluegrass Grammy #bluegrassgrammyattackads Steve Martin claims to be illegitimate son of Jimmy Martin. Nope, says Jimmy in Skype session from beyond. #bluegrassgrammyattackads Steve Martin mispronounces “banjo” on Letterman. No,

  • Blue Yodel #15 – NAMMMMMMM

    The NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) Show is held less than a mile from Disneyland. One is a commercial shrine to prepubescent entertainment and sensory overload. The other is a theme park. Or, maybe I should say the NAMM Show

  • Blue Yodel #12 – Ciúnas Gan Uaigneas

    This year, I mean it. No more abandoning resolutions to learn the fiddle or write a song every week. No more good intentions turned into shovel-ready projects to hell. No more orgy of self-loathing with two guys named Ben &

  • Holiday Poem 2011

    A new tradition launches here at Bluegrass Today: Chris Stuart's Holiday Poem. Enjoy our 2011 year-in-review, or click below and listen to Chris read it aloud.   Dear friends out in the blogosphere, I hope a link has brought you here, To read and