• What did you call me?

    Human beings love to classify things. That’s why we have a periodic table (at least I think we still have a periodic table). And, in 2016, human beings love to subdivide into ever more specialized subcategories. That’s why we have

  • Conflict resolution in bluegrass wordplay

    I was in the recording studio for Mountain Home records all this past week, and sometime right before doing another take on our soon-to-be-released medley of I Did it My Way and Wagon Wheel (in German), Ty Gilpin remarked that

  • Breaking up is hard to do… isn’t it?

    There’s plenty to worry about in the world of bluegrass, if you’re the worrying sort. Even those that aren’t the worrying sort can get that way in an election year, so let’s go ahead and worry. We have the issue of

  • Oh… so you think you’re special?

    A question has arisen in the last couple of weeks about a growing IBMA mystery: what on earth happened to the Special Awards? If you’re not familiar with them, those are the awards that are given out during the Special

  • Just sign on the dotted line…

    I’m taking this week off to recover from the stress of taking the previous week off. Therefore I’ve asked John Lawless to rerun a slightly edited version (I changed one “the” to an “a”) of a column I wrote a

  • Are you sure? No, I’m positive!

    In many parts of our society, we place a high value on being positive. “Just stay positive,” we’re often told, even if we’ve just received the news that we have three months to live. Some countries are more positive than others,