• You probably don’t care anyway…

    It’s time once again for our annual feature, The Most Boring Stories in Bluegrass. It’s a look back at the most uninteresting developments in our industry in the past year. This is published every year on whatever day I get

  • If I could just get that first line…

    People in Nashville have often heard it said that everyone there is a songwriter. This is probably true, and if you’ve spent any time listening to country radio in the last several years, you’ve no doubt heard quite a few

  • Bluegrasswantads.com – coming soon

    We recently had a personnel change in our band. I’m thankful this has been a rare occurrence, but I recognize that no one is immune from changes. Even the poster boys for stability (and doesn’t everyone like a good stability

  • Facebook – for good or ill

    Greetings from California, where we’re on tour for the next several days. Between the usual touring duties, which include rehearsing, sound-checking, performing, waiting for hash browns orders, and talking back snappily to the GPS, I’ve run out of time for

  • Facebook hack attack!

    This is my 200th column for Bluegrass Today. This is according to my own count, mind you, which is questionable in its accuracy, since I was only working with ten fingers. It’s pretty close, though. I thought this might be the

  • Aim low for the New Year

    Telegram sent in by Chris Jones regarding this week’s column: “John: in northern part of Alberta for Xmas (stop) Close to Santa but far from internet (stop) Please rerun old column re: New Year’s resolutions (stop) Back next week (stop) CJ” New

  • Wishing you a Traditional Christmas

    I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season so far. Much of traditional Christmas literature, including, I believe, the first chapter of Matthew (“Like, Really Awesome News for Modern Dudes and Dudettes” translation), refers to this week as “crunch time.”

  • Old Ebenezer and the Christmas phantasm

    The following is a contemporary interpretation of “Stave Two” of a A Christmas Carol (with sincere apologies to Charles Dickens), in which the Ghost of Christmas past visits a 21st century Scrooge, who is a bluegrass musician and widely-disliked band