• Politics and Bluegrass at Podunk

    A few NorthEastern blogs are abuzz with the name, Rhonda Vincent. Sadly, it's not her music they're talking about. What has them all stirred up is an action she took at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival this last Saturday. During the course of

  • Chatham County Line: Wildwood

    Last month, Chatham County Line released their fifth CD, Wildwood, on Yep Roc Records. This recording further develops the band's unique sound. Describing themselves as too progressive for bluegrass traditionalists and to traditional for the alt-country crowd, the band has

  • Stolen Instrument Recovered

    We're always glad to do what we can to help get the word out concerning stolen instruments, but saddened that a player has been parted from a beloved axe. That's why we're even happier to report when a stolen instrument

  • Owensboro site plans include the IBMM

    The city of Owensboro continues with its commitment to promote bluegrass music and the International Bluegrass Music Museum as part of its efforts to rebuild the riverfront and historic downtown districts. Scheduled for completion by 2013, the downtown/riverfront update will include

  • Mitch Jayne passes

    Born July 5, 1930, Mitch Jayne passed away Monday, August 2, 2010 in Columbia, MO, after being diagnosed with cancer only recently. In the 1960's, The Dillards were introduced to a larger American audience as the Darlin' Family on the Andy

  • Rural Rhythm signs Rodney Dillard

    Rural Rhythm Records recently added Rodney Dillard & The Dillard Band to their roster of artists. The band's new CD, I Wish Life Was Like Mayberry, will be released on the Rural Rhythm label this September (9/28/2010). Rodney has a long

  • Gangstagrass nominated for Emmy

    The hip-hop/bluegrass mashup known as Gangstagrass has been nominated for an Emmy. The Gangstagrass track Long Hard Times To Come serves as the theme song to the FX series Justified. The track has been nominated for an Emmy in the category

  • Review: Sunset Drive the CD

    Not long ago we wrote about the Sunset Drive tour of Japan. Now we bring you news of the recording for which the tour was named. Maro Kawabata brought together several of his friends and heros for the recording Sunset Drive.

  • Bluegrass A La Carte (7/13)

    The Dean of Bluegrass University The Chicago Reader has a nice write up about Greg Cahill and his band Special Consensus, as they prepare to celebrate their 35th anniversary. Greg and his band were a big influence on me as a teenager in Kansas City. I

  • ETSU seeks Bluegrass Lecturer

    East Tennessee State University is currently taking applications for a position within the bluegrass department. The job is described as "Bluegrass Lecturer," while a quick review of the job description will reveal that lecturing on the history and theory of bluegrass