• Bluegrass Today Awards Poll 2005

    Bluegrass Today is proud to announce our first annual Awards Poll! Our poll mirrors the IBMA final ballot, but is completely unofficial and is in no way associated with IBMA or their official balloting process. We do require that you

  • Central Texas Bluegrass! Volume 2

    The Central Texas Bluegrass Association has released their second CD of tunes from member bands. There are 23 tracks on the disc presented by thirteen bands/artists who are featured on the project including the Austion Lounge Lizards and Adam Wright

  • IBMA Awards Nominees photo gallery

    Our good friend Dan Loftin has sent us some photos he took at the August 30th press conference announcing the IBMA Awards Nominees for 2005. Thanks Dan! The press conference was hosted by Ricky Skaggs and Rhonda Vincent, and included

  • Huber/AcuTab marketing association to end

    As of September 1, 2005, AcuTab will no longer function as the marketing and promotional arm of Huber Banjos, nor the sole source for ordering and customer service. This exclusive relationship which has existed since Huber Banjos launched in 2001

  • Digital technology and bluegrass

    This is the first in a series of Viewpoint articles I'm working on concerning digital technology and bluegrass. It is intended to be an introduction to the topics I want to discuss and to give you the opportunity to suggest

  • IBMA Album Of The Year Nominees for 2005

    Award for an outstanding recorded performance by an artist or artists, first commercially released during the specified time period (Award to artist(s), producer, and label): The nominees for Album Of The Year for 2005 are: Album Title links to audio Artist(s) links to artist(s) Label links to

  • IBMA Instrumental Album Of The Year Nominees for 2005

    This award is for an outstanding recorded performance by an artist or artists featuring instrumental music, new or old, first commercially released during the eligibility period. An album project is eligible when 50% or more of its songs are instrumental