Australian DJ to IBMA

Geoff MorrisThe annual IBMA convention is right around the corner and people from all over the world are starting to make their plans to attend this year’s event.

We recently received news of an Australian radio DJ who will be attending on a grant from IBMA’s International Outreach Program. Geoff Morris, from Bendigo, Australia, hosts a weekly bluegrass radio show in his native Australia. Last year Morris applied for the IBMA grant to attend the week long World of Bluegrass event, but he was not awarded a grant. He came anyway with the help of some supporters, but due to a fall, ended up in the emergency room in Nashville and missed much of the event.

Morris applied again this year, and received a grant from IBMA to attend. Normally the grant would probably be sufficient to cover expenses, but Geoff Morris is blind and requires additional funds to help cover the costs of an assistant and seeing eye dog while traveling. He’s also hoping to extend his stay in the states to take in some other bluegrass events and opportunities.

Hope River Entertainment is coordinating an effort to assist Geoff with these expenses. You can find more information about Geoff and how you can help by visiting