Audie Blaylock – Cryin’ Heart Blues

The new CD from Audie Blaylock and Redline, Cryin’ Heart Blues, is set for a March 30 release on Rural Rhythm.

We wrote last year during the IBMA convention about what an impressive showcase Audie and the boys delivered during their Wednesday brunch showcase. It was a very impressive performance, even

“Blaylock is a singularly powerful vocalist, and this group blends with him perfectly. Their trios were matched breath for breath, and the quartet number they did, Goodbye – from their self-titled debut CD – was stunning. And it was no fluke… I heard them again this evening and they nailed this song both times.”

At the time, mandolinist and tenor vocalist Darrell Webb was transitioning out of Redline and into his own band, but he was with Audie during IBMA week.

For Cryin’ Heart Blues Audie had his crackerjack road band in the studio with him: Patrick MacAvinue on fiddle and mandolin, Evan Ward on banjo, and Matt Wallace on bass. Audie handles guitar and lead vocals, with all of the band members helping out on harmony with Audie handling most of the tenor.

The title track, written by Joe Brown, will be released as the first single next week on the 7th edition of Rural Rhythm’s Fresh Cuts & Key Tracks CD sampler. As you would expect, it’s an uptempo, hard-driving song in the inimitable Audie Blaylock style. It’s the first song up in this sampler from Cryin’ Heart Blues, which also includes pieces of Matches (Keith Stegall and Charles F. Craig), You Can Keep Your Nine Pound Hammer (Pete Goble and Leroy Drumm), Drink Up And Go Home (Freddie Hart), He Is Near (Don Parmley) and Can’t Keep On Runnin’ (Harley Allen).

Cryin’ Heart Blues sampler     []

Other tracks include Bill Monroe’s Stay Away From Me, Red Allen and Frank Wakefield’s Troubles Round My Door and Jimmy Martin and Paul Williams’ Pray The Clouds Away.

Audie tells us that he is still looking for a mando guy who is a “perfect fit,” and since McAvinue is solid on both madolin and fiddle, they are working as a four piece for the time being. You can find their tour schedule online.

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