Andy Hall on The Grand Old Time Machine

Wichita Rutherford - The Grand Old Time MachineWe just heard from our friend Wichita Rutherford that Andy Hall, of The Infamous Stringdusters, will be his guest host this evening on his XM Radio show, The Grand Old Time Machine.

A couple weeks ago Wichita had Mac Wiseman, then Doc Watson, and last week Alison Krauss. He sure seemed excited about having Andy on the show though.

Each week Wichita and a guest host visit with each other, play some music, and get in The Grand Old Time Machine and travel back in time, stopping in the 30’s, 40’s, 70’s or where ever the guest wants to go. There they meet some bluegrass stars of yesteryear and hear some great music.

Last week, at the beginning of the show featuring Alison Krauss as a guest host, Wichita and Alison went over the rules for the audience about not taking pictures, recording, smoking, etc. I’m glad Alison straightened Wichita out and told him it was OK for the listeners to eat sausage gravy and biscuits, but she never did tell him the audience wouldn’t be able to take pictures since they were just listing to the radio!

The Grand Old Time Machine comes on at 5 PM EST every Friday and 12 AM EST every Saturday night. It can be found on XM Channel 14, Bluegrass Junction.

You can find more information about the show online at