And the Winners are ……

The IBMA award winners were named last night, Thursday (September 26). The bare facts are ………..

  • Entertainer of the Year: The Gibson Brothers
  • Vocal Group: The Gibson Brothers
  • Instrumental Group: The Boxcars
  • Song of the Year: They Called It Music, The Gibson Brothers, written by Eric Gibson and Joe Newberry
  • Album of the Year: Papertown, Balsam Range
  • Gospel Recorded Performance: Beulah Land, Marty Raybon
  • Instrumental Recorded Performance: Foggy Mountain Rock, Tom Adams, Dan Tyminski, Ron Stewart, Dennis Crouch, Clay Hess and Randy Kohrs
  • Recorded Event of the Year: What’ll I Do,
  • Terry Baucom with Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Wyatt Rice, Steve Bryant and Buddy Melton
  • Emerging Artist: Della Mae
  • Male Vocalist: Junior Sisk
  • Female Vocalist: Claire Lynch
  • Banjo Performer: Mike Munford
  • Bass Performer: Barry Bales
  • Fiddle Performer: Jason Carter
  • Dobro Performer: Rob Ickes
  • Guitar Performer: Bryan Sutton
  • Mandolin Performer: Adam Steffey

Congratulations to all winners, particularly those bagging a trophy for the first time.


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Richard Thompson

Richard F. Thompson is a long-standing free-lance writer specialising in bluegrass music topics. A two-time Editor of British Bluegrass News, he has been seriously interested in bluegrass music since about 1970. As well as contributing to that magazine, he has, in the past 30 plus years, had articles published by Country Music World, International Country Music News, Country Music People, Bluegrass Unlimited, MoonShiner (the Japanese bluegrass music journal) and Bluegrass Europe. He wrote the annotated series I'm On My Way Back To Old Kentucky, a daily memorial to Bill Monroe that culminated with an acknowledgement of what would have been his 100th birthday, on September 13, 2011.

  • Darren Sullivan-Koch

    …it’s interesting that folks complain about the showcase bands being too edgy, contemporary, or otherwise non-bluegrassy, while the awards (with the possible exception of Claire Lynch) are straight-up old school. Does that reflect the difference between the membership and the organizers?

    • Dennis Jones

      It does in a big way when you add in Bluegrass Radio Charts. BIG.

    • Tom Williamson

      Every single person was so deserving of their award…but…Flatt Lonesome is sooooooooooooooooooo good.

  • Chris Skaryd

    Congrats to Balsam Range. That award was absolutely deserved. One of the best albums I’ve ever heard.

  • Lyn

    Congrats to all the winners. Blessings, peace and continued great success.

    Some of my favorite instrumentalists won yet again. Curious though why it’s so difficult for a whole host of other outstanding instrumentalists to break into the individual awards. Several of this year’s winners have won many, many times as it seems so every year. It gives the appearance that IBMA’s selection process is somehow manipulated? Seems rather disheartening for some great musicians out there who have never been recognized. Band members in the old Bluegrass Cardinals comes to mind for instance. IMHO the current selection process, whatever it is, hurts bluegrass.

  • Dennis Jones

    And you can’t be a Bluegrass Band without a 5-String Banjo played Scruggs Style, no matter how short your skirt is.

    • Darren Sullivan-Koch

      There was no banjo on “Manzanita”…oh wait, that was “Spacegrass,” not “Bluegrass.” Never mind!

      • Dennis Jones

        I know Tony Rice and trust me….they’re no Tony Rice.

        • Darren Sullivan-Koch

          Ha! Yeah, I’m not a fan of ’em myself, but if they bring some new folks into the fold, I’m fine with that.

          • Dennis Jones

            But Darren, what if their fans come to a Larry Sparks or Boxcars show expecting Bluegrass…and they find a hammering 5-String banjo out front in the mix? They’ll go away thinking Bluegrass sucks….but I love Della Mae. Who lost fans? Bluegrass did. It’s all about the name of a genre and how it is presented.

          • Darren Sullivan-Koch

            Oh, they’ll instantly revolt, probably start flipping over chairs and murdering people in the adjacent rows, then eat their organs in a vain attempt to gain their courage and life-essence.

            Seriously, I bet you if a Della Mae fan went to see a GOOD bluegrass band (I think the Boxcars are pretty damn boring), they will welcome it…it won’t be exactly like Della Mae, but there’ll be enough common elements (twang, drive, acoustic instrumentation, etc.) to carry them over. I mean, I like jazz, whether the band is fronted by a sax, trumpet, or piano…I think there is room for variation…

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  • kenneth schroeder

    The Gibson Brothers still the best around. I just can’t get enough of them. Now that’s true bluegrass.

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