All the links that are Bluegrass

All the links that are Bluegrass...almostWell, almost…

Willem Ruiter lives in Voorthuizen, the Netherlands. This town plays home to the EWOB each year.

A great fan of the music, Willem is making his contribution to the bluegrass online world by attempting to assemble in one location as many bluegrass links as he can round up.

His site contains listings for bands hailing from various countries around the globe. The listing is obviously incomplete at this stage (with a near improbability of ever being COMPLETE), but still impressive. The list of US bands, while one of the longer lists on the page, is far from inclusive. One list that is very impressive already is the list of bands from the Czech Republic. The list was too long to count!

Other countries represented include: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Croatia, Norway, Slovak Republik, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, the UK, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, and Australia.

In addition to band listings, he is also assembling links to: web radio, associations, labels, online record stores, bluegrass magazines & publications, instrument builders, and more.

It is an interesting way to spend an hour, just clicking to all these various websites!

One notable absence on his site is a link to Bluegrass Today, or any blog for that matter! Oh well, we won’t hold it against him!

HT: European Bluegrass Blog