Mud Creek Bluegrass festival launches in July

This article marks the second of what we expect will be regular contributions from Bluegrass Canada, the bluegrass music association of Canada, and their quarterly magazine by the same name. Editor Mike Higgins has promised to send us updates from the scene up north, and assures us that things are hoppin’ in bluegrass all across Canada.

In the wake of all the COVID festival experiences the past couple of years, with cancellations and even the disappearance of a few of our popular events, it was a pleasure to receive a call from Gary Walker with his news of the start-up of The Mud Creek Bluegrass Festival.

Gary has sent us a description of the story behind its conception, and the Ontario bluegrass musicians who have agreed to share a stake in founding and presenting this exciting new venture, to be held July 11-14, 2024 at Parkhill, Ontario.

On the May 24 weekend in 2023, Gary Walker asked the Granite Hill Bluegrass band if they would like to be involved with a new festival.

After a lot of discussion, and some deep thought, there was a resounding ‘yes.’ And so it was born. A Southwestern Ontario bluegrass festival to fill a void that the effects of COVID had left behind.

Band members Steve Greer and Al Draper became Board members, and are integral to organizing this event. Band member Bill Carson became the Treasurer, Diane Carson took on Vendor co-ordination, with Norm and Nancy Tellier helping with social media. Doug and Diane McNaughton, Sue Draper, Ann Greer, and Mark and Cheryl Newsom are the support team. Brian Strik joined in mid-summer to complete the board of directors. And last but not least, my wife Jane Walker has been my unwavering support.

Thanks for all the support.

Gary Walker–Chair

Several Ontario bands have already been booked to provide entertainment. Mud Creek are fortunate to have the support of the Municipality of North Middlesex, a team of dedicated volunteers, and the involvement of local organizations.

Please visit the festival web site for contact information and additional news as it becomes available.