Alison Krauss in Boston

This brief report and gallery come from David Moultrup.

Alison Krauss filled Copley Square in Boston with an enthusiastic audience to close out the Summer Arts Festival on Sunday (7/28). The music was held in the park that recently was the scene of the memorial to the Marathon bombings, which is steps from where the tragedy occurred.

Presenting the unusual opportunity to hear her in a small group setting, she was joined by Dan Tyminski and Jeff White. They drew upon material recorded when Jeff was a member of Union Station, and current tunes such as Paper Airplane. While her magnificent voice was the centerpiece of the set, she also featured bluegrass standards such as Angeline the Baker, done in a fiddle and banjo duet, and vocals by both Dan and Jeff. Her sense of humor, and rapport with Dan and Jeff, added to the show.

Alison’s role as an ambassador for bluegrass music was shining in this setting.