Alaskan Bluegrass Cruise

Here’s another opportunity for you to enjoy some great bluegrass while also enjoying a cruise, and this one is to Alaska! The Bluegrass Cruise to Alaska is put together by Cottage Music and features all the normal cruise activities along with bluegrass performances, workshops, and jams.

The bands on this years cruise are:

John Reischman & the Jaybirds
The Claire Lynch Band
Lost Highway

Although the fabulous Bluegrass and the luxurious cruise experience are definitely a winning combination…..the backdrop of the majestic Alaska Inside Passage takes this adventure to an awe inspiring level. That first morning when you awake to the narrows of Tracy Arm with deep indescribable aqua blue ice, crystal clear waters, lush green forest, eagles flying overhead, bears playing on the shore, waterfalls tumbling from sheer drops….I can hardly wait! Once you have seen a glacier up close and personal you will never be the same. For many this is the essence of the experience. Something that does not exist anywhere else in the world and here we are. What an unbelievable privilege to be able to experience it along with the music we love and the company of great friends.

For more information visit or call Rick Biel at 1-800-848-3488
Only those booking with Rick will be able to attend Bluegrass activities