Adam Steffey going under the knife

Adam SteffeyJust like the instruments they play, sometimes bluegrass musicians themselves need a bit of a tune up. Mandolin master Adam Steffey will be headed in soon to try to fix a pesky irritated nerve that has been bothering him recently.

According to Steffey, he had been experiencing a bit of pain in his left elbow and fingers over the past few months, and his doctor determined that he had an irritated ulnar nerve, which is what helps work the ring and little fingers. Steffey will be undergoing a minor surgery next week to try to correct the problem. He says that the recovery period can be different for everyone, but his doctor thinks he should be able to start playing again a little at a time in just a couple of weeks.

He even joked about writing an instrumental named for the procedure he will undergo: “Subcutaneous Ulnar Nerve Transposition. I think it sounds like the name of a new instrumental on the horizon!” Steffey says that the Boxcars will not be canceling any performances while he is on the mend. “My hope is to be back on the road just as soon as the doctor gives me the green light,” he says.

Here’s hoping everything goes well on February 5th, and to hearing that new mandolin tune soon! We all love us some Adam Steffey!

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