A new look for the holidays

You have may have noticed our new look. Early this afternoon John and I took a fancy and decided to redecorate for the holidays. It’s just a temporary thing and everything will be back to normal after the 1st of January.

Well…more or less normal. We’re working on a few site modifications and enhancements that we’ll start rolling out around that time as well. Nothing major mind you, just a tweak here and there in an effort to improve things.

Leave me a comment on this post if there’s a feature you’d like to see added, or something here that you can’t live without.

  • Brance – I’d like to see some way to measure traffic on individual posts in “The B.” The only way I can tell whether my posts ever get read is when someone decides to leave a comment. I appreciate the comments, but figure there may be many more people who visit and (perhaps) read the entries. Is this possible. – Ted Lehmann

  • Hmmm…interesting idea. Let me think on that a while.