A girl, a dog, and a tiny house

Lauren Stovall with Skippy in her tiny houseLauren Stovall, vocalist/guitarist with The Railsplitters, is a young lady of many talents. Her distinctive voice is nearly synonymous with the Colorado-based band, and her easy-going stage presence lights up their live shows.

That’s she’s a girl who loves her dog is merely a bonus.

Stovall is not a big girl, something that becomes clear when you see the band on stage, so I suppose it makes sense that she would choose a little dog, like her beloved Jack Russell, Skippy. She also has a small house, or a Tiny House as the movement is called among those who see virtue in living in a modest manner.

She and her roommate came to the attention of a producer at the Discovery Digital Networks who was on the hunt for cool dog stories for one of their online series. They loved Lauren – and her little dog, too – and sent a crew to capture them for posterity.

We asked Lauren to explain how it all came about…

“There was a website that was searching for Coloradans with cool dogs and they put out an internet ad. A musician friend of mine, Sharon Glassman, submitted my name, and they thought that all the elements were interesting enough for what they were looking for and they called me up!

The show is called Seeker and it is a show that Discovery Channel’s online network – Discovery Digital Networks – produces. Seeker is a bunch of short documentary pieces that Discover Digital Networks puts together. They’re mini documentaries based on adventures and alternative living. Zooks is a boutique dog food company based out of Durango, CO and they sponsored this particular episode, so that’s why they were looking for Coloradans with dogs. It was more about my dog Skippy than about my tiny house, but that factored in too.

I’ve had Skippy about eight years and he goes out all over the place with us. He’s an adventurous little dude that keeps everybody in the band happy. He’s the handsomest band manager ever.”

You can check out The Railsplitters online, whose new album, The Faster It Goes, was released earlier this year.

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