2016 Grand Masters winners

Maddie DentonThe winners from this past weekend’s Grand Master Fiddler Championship at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, have been posted online. Held annually, the competition is an open format where fiddlers (and their accompanists) are eligible for more than $10,000 in prizes across four categories.

The top prize winner was Maddie Denton from Murfreesboro, TN who took home a $1200 cash prize plus a $500 D’Addario gift certificate and a Grand Master Fiddler plaque. She will also have an opportunity to perform on the Grand Ole Opry prior to next year’s competition.

The Traditional division winner was Brian Christianson of Nashville, TN, and the Youth division winner was Ivy Phillips of Chapmansboro, TN. Both received a $300 prize, plus a $500 D’Addario gift certificate and a Grand Master Fiddler plaque. They will also get to appear on the Opry next year.

Judges for 2016 included Matt Hartz, Daniel Carwile, Aynsley Porchak, Amy Carwile, and Bobby Taylor. Porch was the 2015 champion.

Here are the complete standings for this year.

2016 Grand Master Fiddler Champion

  1. Maddie Denton
  2. Trustin Baker
  3. Katrina Nicolayeff
  4. Ellie Goodman
  5. Mia Orosco
  6. Andrew Lin
  7. River Lee
  8. Harrison Schumann
  9. Eli Bishop
  10. Bill Contreras
  11. Grant Rigney
  12. Michael Thompson
  13. Carl Hopkins
  14. Megan Lynch-Chowning
  15. Tiffany Boucher
  16. Tyler Andal
  17. Joel Whittinghill
  18. Allie Hagan
  19. Faith Nugent
  20. Paige Park


2016 Grand Master Fiddler Champion Traditional Championship

  1. Brian Christianson
  2. Henry Barnes
  3. Kelsey Wells
  4. Henry The Fiddler
  5. Hillary Klug
  6. Travis Inman
  7. Chris Gray
  8. Clelia Stefanini


 2016 Grand Master Fiddler Champion Youth Championship

  1. Ivy Phillips
  2. Benjamin Lin
  3. Celeste Pena
  4. Alex Tormala
  5. Macy Lynn Keller
  6. Beth Davis
  7. Sophie Pena
  8. David Lin
  9. Kate Ward
  10. David Tormala


2016 GMFC Accompanist Championship

  1. Anthony Mature
  2. Hyatt Hopkins
  3. Jim Reina
  4. Ray Brandin
  5. Rinnie McKee


Congratulations to everyone who placed this year!

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