2012 SPBGMA nominees announced

The nominees for the 38th Annual Bluegrass Music Awards from the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass in America have been announced, and are listed online.

Winners will be announced at the SPBGMA awards show held in Nashville over the first weekend in February at the Sheraton Music City Hotel.

SPBGMA, unlike IBMA, takes a decidedly small tent approach to the music, making the “preservation” of traditional bluegrass a major part of their mission.

Some further details about the organization and the February convention can be found at www.spbgma.com.

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  • Banjo Bum

    How, may I ask, is Ron Stewart not nominated for banjo player of the year, and The Boxcars not nominated for band of the year???

  • Lynwood Lunsford

    Sadly, Ron is not nominater for banjo OR fiddle. And the Boxcars did not receive any nominations either.

  • Banjo Bum

    Excellent point, Lynwood. I should have included the lack of Ron being nominated for fiddle as well. It just doesn’t make a bit of sense that he and the rest of the Boxcars were shut out of the nominations. Without trying to come across as a conspiracy theorist, I have to wonder if there is some underlying political reason.

    However, congrats to you, Lynwood, on your nomination! Good luck in the voting.

    • Lynwood Lunsford

      Thank you for the congrats! Like most all awards, the selection has little to do with ability and more to do with popularity. And politics ALWAYS plays a part in it!