20 Things You Didn’t Know About Rick Lang

Songs by award-winning songwriter Rick Lang have been covered by some of the most renowned artists in bluegrass, southern Gospel and jazz.

Rick has released six studio albums of his own to date, each featuring original Rick Lang compositions. Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout (Billy Blue Records) is his most recent, top-selling collection of songs, performed by popular artists on an inspiring bluegrass Gospel album.

In addition to a busy songwriting schedule, Rick occasionally does freelance writing. He conducts songwriting workshops in the New England area, and still actively performs on occasion. Rick is a graduate of IBMA Leadership Bluegrass, currently chairs the IBMA Songwriter committee, and is a mentor in the IBMA Songwriter Mentor Program.

Rick and his wife Wendy have two daughters, three granddaughters, and currently reside in Kingston, New Hampshire.

  1. His first musical instrument a set of drums when he was young. Rick quickly realized that he was not meant to be a drummer.
  2. Listen To The Word Of God by Lonesome River Band on their Carrying The Tradition album was Rick’s first cut.
  3. Randall Hylton and Pete Goble are his two greatest songwriting heroes.
  4. The South Coast of Bermuda is his favorite island.
  5. When he can’t sleep, he listens to the sound of ocean waves on an MP3 player.
  6. Rick often writes and records with his three granddaughters.
  7. He wrote the song, I See God, from the CD Gonna Sing, Gonna Shout while trimming bushes in his back yard. “Song came out great, bushes not so much.”
  8. Rick claims that he may win an award for “Slowest Songwriter of the Year.” It took him 30 years to write the lyrics to his song, My Daddy’s Shoes, which honors his father.
  9. The Undertow (2018) was his first concept album; all original ocean-theme songs.
  10. He loves the sound of steel drums and plans to use them in a future recording project.
  11. His first-ever co-writing experience was with Donna Ulisse and Jerry Salley.
  12. His early musical influences included soul, R & B, and Motown, and the first 45 he bought was when he was 10-years-old: the Everly Brothers’ Wake Up Little Susie.
  13. A music video for his song Running For The Glory was featured on network television during the 100th anniversary of the Boston Marathon.
  14. Pati Crooker (Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival) was the first festival promoter to invite him to perform onstage.
  15. He’s a big fan of the probiotic Kombucha, and even used the name as the title of an instrumental.
  16. His favorite saying came from his mom: “If it was meant to be…it will happen.”
  17. His 2nd grade teacher would punish him for using bad grammar. He continues to use bad grammar and slang in his lyrics, and claims it is to get back at that teacher.
  18. His best ideas come to him early in the morning between 5:00-7:00 a.m.
  19. When he was younger, he was a fly fishing fanatic, but “dropped it like a hot potato” once he got the songwriting bug.
  20. Though songwriting is his passion, Rick’s career has been in the hardwood lumber industry for nearly 50 years.

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