Would you like to showcase at IBMA?

IBMA is currently seeking showcase artists for the 2007 WOB Business Conference. The 2007 event is scheduled for Oct 1-4, 2007 in Nashville, TN. You are not required to be an IBMA member to submit an application. If you are chosen to showcase however, you will need to become an IBMA member at that time in order to accept the showcase invitation.

There is a $15 application fee. If chosen to showcase you must pay an additional $150 showcase fee, but your band will be given registration for the full conference.
The deadline for application is January 12, 2007.

The showcases are designed to introduce any one or all of the following to the bluegrass industry:

  • Emerging talent capable and willing to broaden their market
  • Established bands who have significant changes in their act
  • Artists who have significant, new recorded product

The board-appointed Talent Committee’s selection process involves a fair but subjective evaluation based on each applicant’s entertainment value, level of professionalism, potential appeal and quality of work. Depending on the number of acts which apply, the selection process takes approximately three months. IBMA makes the full selection criteria available upon request.

If you want to apply you will need to submit to IBMA, by the deadline, five complete promotional packages including the following:

  • Five copies of a representative recording of your work (CD or cassette‚Äîplease remove any shrink wrapping)
  • Complete contact information on the group
  • A $15 application fee, made payable to IBMA

Send all submission packages to:

IBMA Talent Committee
2 Music Circle South, Ste. 100
Nashville, TN 37203

Deadline is January 12, 2007