With Bells On from Darin & Brooke Aldridge

Christmas arrived early this year with the release of a brand new Darin & Brooke Aldridge single that is leading the “sleigh” for their first Christmas album, Hometown Holiday

There is no feeling in the world that can quite match the joy of being home for Christmas. There’s a special kind of magic floating in the air at Christmas time, leading us home to the ones we love year after year, because it doesn’t matter how hectic the year has been, where we’ve gone, or what we’ve done, nothing could ever replace the feelings of love and unity that flood our hearts when we’re home for the holidays. Memories of family and friends swirl around like snow flurries, and their fondness warms us from the bottom of our souls, just as if we were cozied-up by an old hearth listening to the crackling of familiar flames.

With Bells On wraps these sentiments up beautifully with Darin and Brooke’s signature harmonies, Samantha Snyder’s stand-out fiddling, Jacob Metz’s top-tier dobro work, and rock-solid studio support from Mark Fain and Cody Kilby on bass and guitar. 

Brooke gives color to why they selected this Dolly Parton original for their lead-off single.

With Bells On is the perfect song to sum up a typical year in the Darin and Brooke Aldridge world! In a year’s time, with a busier music schedule than ever, the words that kick off the first verse couldn’t ring more true:

I’ve traveled around this country, crossed the waters deep and wide,
Made lots of friends and memories, brought joy to others’ lives. 
It’s Christmas-time again, another year has come and gone,
And I can’t keep from wondering how the old folks are at home.

It will always remain important for us to make sure we get home to where we were raised in North Carolina for the holidays to spend much-needed time with our families. It’s obvious that Dolly Parton felt that same longing in her heart when she wrote the song.

As you listen to With Bells On, our hope is that warm memories will take you home to where your heart longs to be at Christmas.”

With Bells On is available for download or streaming from the major platforms. 

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