Wildflower Too drops for Darin & Brooke Aldridge

Darin & Brooke Aldridge are stirring up “those memories” that will “take you back into another place in time,” with their brand new Trio-inspired single. 

Wildflower Too is the heart song of a country dreamer whose spirit takes wing with the wind, and whose soul flourishes at the thought of the new places it will take them; yet, their heart knows where they belong. The country was their first love; it always will be. They were born free with wild seeds to sow, but the place they bloomed forever holds their heart. The song embodies the blessed feeling that comes with looking back on the ride the winds of life have taken you on, while still knowing where your heart belongs.

Brooke shares the story of how Wildflower Too, which she and Darin wrote with Bill Whyte, came to be…

“Inspiration can come from anywhere when you’re writing a song. Wildflower Too quickly blossomed after we played a show in Texas, where I was inspired by seeing all of the bluebonnets in bloom for the first time. I was also thinking about how life has taken Darin and me to so many different and wonderful places on our musical journey.

Not long after the Texas trip, we sat down to write with a favorite co-writer and dear friend of ours, Bill Whyte. Within the first couple of lines, it became evident that the words we were writing were inspired by one of music’s most famous trios – Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris. To us, it sounded like something the Trio might have recorded long ago, when they released two albums together.

There are hints of the Trio throughout our song. We felt Dolly coming through in the meaning of the lyrics, with a splash of Linda and Emmylou sneaking in with their beautifully-placed harmonies. As you listen to Wildflower Too, close your eyes and imagine all of the places life – or ‘the wind –  has taken you over and over again.”

Featured on the track with Darin and Brooke are Samantha Snyder on fiddle, Jacob Metz on dobro, Cody Kilby on guitar, Ron Block on banjo, Mark Fain on bass, and Lynn Williams on percussion 

Billy Blue Records has also released a lovely lyric video to accompany the single.

Wildflower Too can be found on all major streaming platforms, and is available to broadcasters via AirPlay Direct

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