Wichita Rutherford – The Bluegrass Way

the bluegrass wayMany of you may remember the first time world renowned podcast superstar, Wichita Rutherford, posted a Guest Contributor piece here on Bluegrass Today. We thought it was great to have him writing the occasional blog post for us. The first one came while I was on my honeymoon. It was titled Wichita on buttermilk biscuits and grits what followed was a series of intermittent posts that came to be known as The Bluegrass Way.

More recently Wichita started his own blog where he shares his insights into the world on a more regular basis. The Bluegrass Way really started to take shape.

Now, through the advent of self publishing, starting here as a guest contributor, moving to his own blog, and ending with a real life book, Wichita Rutherford has just published The Bluegrass Way. The book is available for download at a very reasonable price of $1.98, or, if you prefer, you may purchase the 118 page book in a physically printed and bound version for only $8.87.

Here are a couple little quotes from the book to whet your appitite for more.

You can tell someone you’re his friend; you can prove it by listening to his kid play his new banjo.

A sausage, biscuits and gravy breakfast can glue a friendship back together in a big hurry.

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