Wichita Rutherford podcasts Knoxville

rockytoppodcast.comWichita Rutherford just emailed me and let me know about something new he is doing. He’s podcasting for the city of Knoxville, TN. Every Monday starting October 31st he’ll have a new podcast all about what’s going on in Knoxville. There is an introductory podcast available now on TheRockyTopPodcast.com website.

You may also notice something new if you visit that link. Wichita is forging new ground once again. He’s starting to do video podcasts. That’s right video of Wichita! TheRockyTopPodcast.com has an introductory video clip of Wichita holding a press conference in Knoxville.

On Wichita’s website he has sneek peek at his new video podcasts.

All I can say is that Wichita sure has some interesting traveling companions. Go watch the video and see for yourself.