Wichita Rutherford gives away DVDS

wichita's dvd

I just got a note from our pal Wichita Rutherford. He’s got something special happening at WichitasBlog.com and he wanted the bluegrass community to know about it first. Here’s what’s happening. Starting tomorrow at 11 AM Wichita is going to be giving away a bunch of copies of his DVD The Best of 5 Minutes With Wichita. Check it out.

The next 30 people to subscribe to Wichita’s Blog at WichitasBlog.com will win “The Best of 5 Minutes With Wichita” DVD. After the first 30 I’ll randomly pick another 30 names out of the next 200 subscribers and they will win a DVD also. Only one entry per person is allowed. We’ll be checking ISP #’s and stuff to make sure nobody enters twice by accident. So good luck! Ready? and…….. GO!!!!!!!!

Remember this doesn’t start until Friday August 25th at 11 AM. At that time go sign up and win. Wichita really wants to see some hardcore bluegrass fans win in this thing and he wanted Bluegrass Today readers to be the first to know about it.

Thanks Wichita!