Wichita gets a time machine

Wichita Rutherford's new TV show on BlueHighways TVWichita Rutherford is a man of firsts, the first bluegrass podcaster, the first podcaster to get a deal with Sirius Satellite Radio, the first podcaster to produce a video comedy series for the net, and now he’s the first podcaster with his very own time machine. Let me explain. It’s not really a time machine, it’s a TV show. The name of the show is The Grand Old Time Machine and it’s being carried by Blue Highways TV. We told you just last week about Blue Highways TV and their new online distribution deal. Their content is comprised of unique programs intended to reflect the diversity and spirit of our nation, of course this includes bluegrass music! Wichita’s show premieres this summer and will focus on interviews and humor with Bluegrass and Country stars as well as NASCAR drivers.

"The title says it all…" touts Wichita.

I don’t think you’ve seen this kind of show before. I’m so happy I can’t hardly stand it! Stan Hitchcock and them over at Blue Highways TV have been so good to me and they’re my kind of people. I’m proud to be a part of what they’re doing.

Stan Hitchcock, chairman and CEO of BlueHighways TV.

He’s ugly, but he’s funny. All kidding aside, we feel very lucky to have Wichita Rutherford on our team here at BlueHighways TV. He understands our demographic, fits in perfectly with what we’re doing, and let me just say he’s a lot smarter than he looks.

If you’re not familiar with “His Preciousness” you can learn all about him at 5MinutesWithWichita.com and WichitasBlog.com.