Where the Mountain Lillies Grow from Donna Ulisse

Donna Ulisse’s brand new single is a call of love from the Clinch Mountains of her native Virginia. The idea for the song was planted in the hills of Old Dominion, and cultivated by the masterful writing skills of Donna and her all-star co-writer, Larry Cordle. 

Where the Mountain Lilies Grow is a love story as timeless as those old, green mountains of southwestern Virginia and as resilient as the vibrant-orange lilies that spring up where you’d least expect them to. In this song based on the true story of her husband’s great-aunt and uncle, Donna spins together the beautiful tale of a hill-country woman and the man who adored her. 

Donna illuminates the backstory of the people who brought Where the Mountain Lilies Grow to life.

“It’s a story about Rick’s great-uncle Carson, and he had a wife that he adored, her name was Ella. And I got to know Carson Ann’s Ella before they passed, and they had a beautiful love story. When she died, he lost some of himself; he was never the same person anymore. And I always thought that she would always live where the mountain lilies were because they grew up along the creek bank of their home right there on Rock House Road. So, we sort of captured it in this beautiful song.”

Studio support comes from Jake Stargell on guitar, Greg Davis on banjo, Nate Burie on mandolin, Jeff Partin on reso-guitar, and Evan Wilson on bass. Jason Barie and Rick Stanley sing harmony with Donna

Where the Mountain Lilies Grow is available on all major streaming sources and to broadcasters via AirPlay Direct

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