Welcome The Foreign Landers – David and Tabitha Benedict

David and Tabitha Benedict, a very talented, newly-married, bi-continental couple, have launched a new side project aside from work with their regular bands. David plays mandolin with Mile Twelve and Cup O’Joe, and Tabitha plays banjo with Cup O’Joe and Midnight Skyracer.

Their commitments to these touring groups is further complicated by the fact that Mile Twelve is based in Boston, Midnight Skyracer in England, and Cup O’Joe in Northern Ireland. Tabitha is part of the artistic Agnew family who form the bulk of Cup O’Joe, born and raised in County Armagh, while David is a South Carolina native. So they spend time both in the States and in Northern Ireland, as band schedules dictate.

Now they have each added a third performance vehicle, a duo act they are calling The Foreign Landers. Even living together in far flung spots, at least they can always count on being able to get this group in sync.

David tells us that spent the shutdown period with the Agnews, and used a lot of that down time to work on music together. A debut single has just been released, their reimagining of John Hartford’s Put All Your Troubles Away, which is available now from the popular download and streaming sites.

They have also recorded a music video as a sample of their sound, which combines Tabitha’s delightful voice with both Benedicts’ instrumental prowess.

Tabitha and David are in South Carolina now, but the video was filmed in County Armagh earlier during the summer.

You can learn more about The Foreign Landers online.

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