Weeds Don’t Wither drops for Unspoken Tradition

Mountain Home Music has a new single for Unspoken Tradition, taken from their next project with the label.

It’s a song written by Milan Miller and Beth Husband that tackles a topic a bit unfamiliar in the bluegrass catalog. To wit, a reflection on the inner dialog many folks entertain, and the parts they show to the world and the others they don’t.

Weeds Don’t Wither is sung by mandolinist Ty Gipin, who also kicks it off with fiddler Tim Gardner.

Gilpin explains a bit about the subject matter…

“When I heard the lyrics of Weeds Don’t Wither, I was reminded of a phrase I read saying that everyone has a public life, a private life, and a secret life — and this song refers to the latter. It’s about all the things that we keep inside that are a big part of who we are, but aren’t easily communicated. It is a place where we can hide both the best and worst of us, but it’s not something that anyone else can see or share. Sometimes it’s a place where we find a little hope, but often it’s where we lock away our greatest fears. When we went into the studio, we wanted the music and the vocals to reflect the sense of anxiety and desperation I heard in the lyrics, and I think we succeeded.”

Together with bandmates Audie McGinnis on guitar, Zane McGinnis on banjo, and Sav Sankaran on bass, they give the track a very contemporary feel, with a driving bluegrass beat.

Have a listen…

Weeds Don’t Wither is available now from popular download and streaming services online. Radio programmers can get the track via AirPlay Direct.

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