Wednesday night at IBMA

David Davis and the Warrior River BoysLast night I stayed up late to sample the offerings at the afterhours showcases here at IBMA. I had a great time, though I am dragging just a little this morning. The first act I caught last night was David Davis and the Warrior River Boys. They were playing the main stage before it closed down for the evening. Good traditional bluegrass.

After that I wondered the halls for a while talking to friends and listening to jams. I hung out with Bull Harman and his crowd for a while, spoke to my good friend Buddy Merriam for a few minutes, and heard an old friend from my school days, Andrew Collins, jamming in the halls. From there I headed over to the PineCastle showcase room to catch Greg Cahill and Special Consensus. I then slipped downstairs to hear Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper.

More to photos to come in a few minutes.