Wanderlust drops for Nefesh Mountain

Eden Sky Records has released a first single from their upcoming album for Nefesh Mountain, Songs For The Sparrows.

The band’s creative force is the husband and wife team of Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff, native New Yorkers, whose bluegrass music celebrates their Jewish faith and heritage, using the sounds of the Appalachians as the foundation. Eric says, “Bluegrass and acoustic music have always spoken to us—something about the sound of acoustic instruments creates the perfect landscape for very truthful storytelling.”

Earlier recordings combined Jewish liturgical music with new mountain melodies, but these days the focus is original songs the couple writes themselves. For this latest project, inspiration was taken from a trip to their ancestral homelands in 2018.

For Lindberg, it was a personal reckoning with the personal history of his forebears.

“We tracked down the towns where our families are from, and it was devastating to see the destruction of the Holocaust firsthand, and to know that we’re not so far removed from that time. Songs For The Sparrows ultimately came from that experience.”

Zasloff picked up that theme, seeing the record’s namesake as appropriate for their new music.

“To us, sparrows represent a small but mighty voice. That’s why we chose to name the album for them—they’re often overlooked, but they’re beautiful and everywhere.”

For a debut tease of the album, they have chosen Wanderlust, one they wrote examining their own lives on the road.

“We wrote this song as a reflection of our lives as touring musicians out on the road, and the trials of being away from home so often. Wanderlust also draws inspiration from the ancient words of Traveler’s Prayer, which were said by our ancestors—a prayer offering protection for the journey ahead.”

Enjoy the song’s message in this animated video created by Mertcan Mertbilek, using illustrations by Yasemin Yasu.

Doni and Eric are supported here by their regular bandmates Alan Grubner on fiddle, David Goldenberg on mandolin, and Max Johnson on bass. Eric plays banjo, and the band is joined by Jerry Douglas on reso-guitar and Bryan Sutton on guitar.

Songs For The Sparrows won’t release until June 11, but Wanderlust is available now as a single wherever you stream or download music online.

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