Walls Of Time podcast launches online

Another new interview podcast for bluegrass fans has launched this week.

Walls Of Time is co-produced by Daniel Mullins and Ty Gilpin, a pair of familiar figures in the bluegrass world, whose professional careers in the business give them an access and perspective that must bluegrass lovers don’t have. Daniel is an on-air host for Real Roots Radio in southern Ohio, a classic country and bluegrass station that broadcasts terrestrially and online, while Ty does marketing for Mountain Home Music Company and plays mandolin with Unspoken Tradition in Asheville.

Despite their tight industry connections, the new podcast is not affiliated with RRR or Mountain Home in any way.

Walls Of Time will feature in-depth, one-on-one interviews with top bluegrass personalities and performers, starting with the great J.D. Crowe, whose lengthy discussion with Mullins takes up the podcast’s first two episodes. Other guests in the inaugural season include Blake Williams, Sierra Hull, Peter Rowan, Danny Paisley, Mike Bub, Little Roy Lewis, Cindy Baucom, Carl Jackson, Hunter Berry, Kristin Scott Benson, and Sonny Osborne.

Daniel says that even though he and Ty had known each other for years, it was a chance discussion at the IBMA convention that got them working together.

“It’s actually a funny story, because the idea came together last year at the World of Bluegrass in Raleigh, NC. I was emceeing a showcase at a tavern in downtown Raleigh for Sideline, and Ty was there as well. We got to chatting, and he asked, ‘Have you ever thought about working on a podcast?’ And completely unbeknownst to him, it’s something I actually had been chewing on for a few months.

Anyway, we got to talking that week, and after some powerful brainstorming phone calls once we got back to our respective homes, we decided to run with it! I serve as the host, and I go into the field and interview legends and leaders in bluegrass music. It makes for a different experience for the listener.

These weren’t recorded in a big fancy studio. I sat down at J.D. Crowe’s kitchen table, on Sonny Osborne’s back porch, in Kristin Scott Benson’s car outside of the Station Inn, on the deck of a cruise ship with Danny Paisley, and more!”

Each episode will run roughly an hour in length, but Mullins tells us that that will vary slightly from one episode to the next.

“Part of the beauty of a podcast, is you can make it whatever length that you want! As a radio man, not worrying about the clock takes some getting used to, but it is a huge relief to be able to sit and chat with these bluegrass heroes, without having to worry about mentioning their upcoming show at the local theater, helping them promote their new single, or about having to wrap up in time to play the news at the top of the hour. It’s really refreshing, and I think it makes both myself and the guest feel relaxed.

I will say, that for some of the lengthier interviews, we split them into two-parts in order to make it easier for the listener, and so we can do justice to what they say, and make it easier to digest and soak in.”

Here’s a brief sample from the first podcast, where Crowe discusses his relationship with Earl Scruggs.

You can hear each episode as it is released, twice per week (Tuesday and Friday), on the podcast’s main web site, or using any of the popular podcast aggregators like iTunes or Google podcasts.

Mullins says that subscribing ensures that each new episode is automatically downloaded to your computer or device as soon as it is available.

“We should be available on Spotify and other third party apps before too long. We encourage listeners to subscribe to the podcast wherever they prefer to listen. If they do that, then they will be notified as soon as new episodes drop, and they won’t miss one, especially with us dropping them so frequently over the coming weeks. If they like what they hear, we would appreciate it if folks would rate and review us on their podcast platforms. It helps a lot!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@wallsoftimepodcast), and Twitter (@wallsoftimepod) to stay up to date. We post all kinds of cool bonus content on social media, and we would love to hear from folks who enjoy the show!”

Welcome Walls Of Time!

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