Van Heffer at the 37th Nashville Film Festival

A while back we told you about the Van Heffer movie (featuring Wichita Rutherford) being nominated for an award at Regal Cinema’s 37th Annual Nashville Film Festival. The festival took place recently and a friend of mine was there. He went in the sold out theater and sat down to watch the Van Heffer movie. wichita in the theaterHe then noticed who was sitting to his left. He had a camera in his pocket so he took it out and snapped this picture. It’s the only one he got as Wichita’s gas-mask-wearing sidekick asked him not to take any more. I was shocked and asked him if “gas mask” had actually spoken to him.

Not with words, no. But the look in his eyes said it all. He started up out of his seat and shook his head ‘NO’. I knew what he was saying without needing to hear a word. I put the camera away and just watched the movie. Afterwards, Wichita apologized and said they just didn’t want the flash going off while people were trying to watch the film. I understand that.

I spoke briefly with Wichita and he said they had a great time at the festival, their showing was sold out, and the crowd was full of “precious” people!