Uncle Phil once more unto the breach

Phil LeadbetterPhil Leadbetter has shared some somber news. Just a couple of weeks after his doctors saw something suspicious on a follow-up scan, he received news he wasn’t eager to hear.

It seems that the cancer he has defeated twice, with the help of the capable medical staff at Vanderbilt University Hospital, has reared its ugly head for the third time. Phil released this statement last week regarding his treatment plans.

“Vanderbilt has looked over my biopsies, and has determined that my Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has returned. It has been caught in early stages. I will be entering a clinical trial of a brand new cancer drug recently developed, and not yet FDA approved. That’s what I’m looking for…cutting edge treatment. Drugs will be givien every 2 weeks at Vanderbilt. They are trying to get me into this program. Prayers that I will be able to participate in this clinical trial.

Thanks to everyone for all your support…”

For now, Leadbetter is going about his life, which involves playing reso-guitar with Dale Ann Bradley. He is currently in France for the La Roche Bluegrass Festival, working with Kim Fox.

Team PhilibusterGrab those Team Philibuster armbands again, folks. It looks like we’re going to need them.

Phil has promised to post ocassional updates on his web site, www.unclephilonline.com. You can keep up with his treatment there.

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