Two heads are better than one…

Wayne Benson and Alan BibeyMake that two headstocks…

We heard from Alan Bibey this weekend with an update about the twin mandolin CD he is recording with Wayne Benson. This project has been a long time in coming, with these two top pickers getting together whenever they can – which isn’t very often given their busy schedules. Alan travels with Grasstowne and Wayne with IIIrd Tyme Out, so down time comes at a premium.

Al told us that they are using the end-of-the-year break to get some more tracking done. The finished project will be split between full band tracks and just two mandolins. He expects that 3 or 4 will include vocals.

“We have about 1/3 of the tracks done now. These are mostly original tunes Wayne and I wrote or co-wrote together, but there will be one Monroe tune (Old Dangerfield). The only tune we did this go round that wasn’t original was Crazy Creek. I used to twin this with Mike Hartgrove in the early IIIrd Tyme Out days.”

They had originally hoped to have this album finished and released during 2009, but their respective band commitments made that impossible. Al won’t suggest a likely release date, but said that he is pleased with what they are getting.

“I’m really happy with how it’s coming out. We have many different styles on this recording and we’re cutting it mostly live, trying to capture that energy you only get in that situation.

Plus, there’s nothing like the sound of old instruments together…  A LOT of fun!”

Should be a good’n.

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